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We want an Italy in which public properties are made the most of and are models of efficient and profitable property management for the well-being of the community and future generations.

With our technology, we work to make this a reality.

There are three major areas for improvement in public real estate management:

  • Static approach: Traditional valuations often focus on the status quo, neglecting the latent potential of public properties.
  • Lack of strategic vision: Without a clear perspective on the future, it is difficult to plan for reuse or renovation or to define the true value of a public property.
  • Bureaucratic processes and inaccuracies: Administrative slowness and inaccurate collection of property data can hinder timely and strategic decisions.

Our solution?

A single platform with full functionality to map, monitor and enhance the state's heritage.

  • Potential analysis: we look beyond the current value of the property, identifying opportunities for reuse, regeneration, and enhancement.
  • Data-driven decisions: with our technology and algorithms we provide clear insights based on hard data and detailed analysis.
  • Digital interface: a single intuitive interface in which to monitor all assets and view their details.
  • Direct integration: our platform connects to existing tools for rapid asset loading.
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With the asset screening we take an inventory of properties and help the public decision-maker identify properties to target for a comprehensive valuation analysis, with a valuation range for residential ones and a market desirability index for all others.

  • Verification of cadastral data, thanks to our direct link with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Verification of current land use by analysis of satellite images
  • Description of the property and indication of critical issues
  • Automatic desktop valuation range for residential properties, outbuildings, stores, land
  • List of comparable properties
  • Estimated renovation costs for residential properties
  • Market desirability index for regeneration scenarios for special assets

With the didimora opinion we offer a broader perspective on understanding the possibilities for making the most of real estate, thanks to an in-depth snapshot of the state of the property, a detailed market analysis, identification of the most suitable uses, and advice on how to regenerate the mmobile with an estimate of the costs and time needed.

  • In-depth analysis of the state of affairs
  • Study of potential market and identification of best uses
  • Ability to request technical due diligence with our partners
  • Design ideas with estimated costs and timelines
  • Business Plan with updated cost and schedule of work
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  • Innovation: We are a proptech startup born in 2021 with a clear and bold vision of the future of real estate.
  • Impact: Investment funds, banks and top professional firms have chosen us to analyze their properties. Their trust is our pride and responsibility.
  • Experience: Our team collaborates with industry professionals, academics and experts, all driven by our same vision.
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