La botte piccola

La botte piccola

Turro, Milan

A well-made studio apartment

sq ft.
1 room
1 bathroom
One-room apartment
sq ft. lot size
1st floor

They wanted me to be like the others

And instead, I surprised everyone. I'm are a rare commodity, very hard to find nowadays: a one-room apartment built with care and passion. A stone's throw from the Naviglio canal and the Martesana park, in one of the city's liveliest areas.

From the layout of the spaces, designed so as not to lose a single corner, to the choice of materials, all of the highest quality: those who chose me found a comfortable and bright refuge with a special touch of originality.


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What we suggested

to breathe new life into this house.
We started with a very narrow one-bedroom apartment from the 1970s that had never been renovated. From our analysis, by location and type, this property was perfect for young single workers, and so we suggested creating a large studio apartment with a dedicated kitchenette and spacious living room. The bathroom had the typical tiling of its era, with shiny purple tiles on the walls and a bathtub. The interior designer wanted to preserve its spirit by suggesting modern glossy tiles, combined with brighter ones with various shades of green.

We're ready when you are.

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