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I am an agent and I want to report a property

We help top European real estate developers find homes for renovation and fix them up.

Realtors like you are the key players in our work:
report your property to us, and within days we can find a buyer who will entrust you with resale once the property has been renovated.

Why work with didimora?

With didimora you have an additional channel through which to sell your real estate, at no cost and with opportunities for additional earnings.

Classical sale

Report to didimora

Long timescales
In a few days you know if we have a buyer, and if we find a buyer you do the deed within 30 days.
A lot of inspections
One inspection
Private stakeholders
You interface with professionals
You only make money from selling
You also make money from the resale of the property

Our values

We are an independent digital platform that simplifies the matching of supply and demand for homes for renovation.
We are
driven by the ambition to rid the world of soulless neighborhoods,
by architectural neglect and funereal land consumption.




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