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With didimora, you have a single cloud-based interface to keep tabs on the data and documentation of all your real estate assets and quickly identify properties to enhance to optimize your portfolios' returns.

Imagine a world in which every real estate asset underlying NPL loans is transformed and enhanced to reach its maximum potential.

There are 3 major areas for improvement in the current management of real estate receivables:

  • Uncertainty and Variability: The subjectivity of those making assessments or processing claims often brings indecision to real estate asset management.
  • Partial Valuations: Without a complete picture of the market and enhancement opportunities, one remains anchored to historical values without understanding the full potential of the assets.
  • Disorganization: You have lots of evaluations and data specific to each property, but you don't have a single, uniform system to see everything easily.

Our solution?

A single digital tool to map, analyze and monitor your properties. An accessible place for property, agency, managers and vendors to share information and collaborate easily and thus avoid the emergence of information asymmetries.

  • Completeness: We identify the potential inherent in each real estate asset underlying NPLs, going beyond just the value of the loan.
  • Accuracy: We develop detailed and objective analyses, eliminating ambiguities typical of traditional estimates.
  • Efficiency: You have a clear and timely overview of your portfolio for optimized management of your receivables.
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With the asset screening we take a quick inventory of the real estate assets underlying your claims and help you identify properties to target for a comprehensive enhancement analysis.

  • Verification of cadastral data, thanks to our direct link with the Internal Revenue Service
  • CTU data inventory and notice of sale
  • Verification of current land use by analysis of satellite images
  • Description of the property and indication of critical issues
  • Automatic desktop valuation range for residential properties, outbuildings, stores, land
  • List of comparable properties
  • Estimated renovation costs for residential properties
  • Market desirability index for regeneration scenarios for special assets

With the didimora opinion you have a broader perspective to understand the possibilities for making the most of your real estate.

  • In-depth analysis of the state of affairs
  • Study of potential market and identification of best uses
  • Ability to request technical due diligence with our partners
  • Design ideas with estimated costs and timelines
  • Business Plan with updated cost and schedule of work
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Servicers' favorite choice.

  • Innovation: Our adventure began in 2021. Since then, we have grown exponentially, with a clear and bold vision of the future of real estate.
  • Impact: More and more financial institutions and industry professionals are choosing us to optimize the management of their NPL portfolios.
  • Professionalism: A team supported by experts, academics and professionals who share our vision.
  • Support: Our team is always available to help you, guide you, and make sure every step is clear to you.
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