We are looking for houses 
to regenerate


O ye ruined houses!

You are many, so many.
From battered apartments to half-empty buildings, from abandoned warehouses to smashed-up cottages, you are in every corner of our cities. Yet there are those who still decide to consume land to build new housing. This makes no sense to us. Regenerating a home means preserving the vitality of neighborhoods and stopping the deadly cycle of consuming new land. Therefore, you homes in need of new life: we are looking for you. Tell your owners, your neighbors, anyone who knows you exist. We want to refurbish you and fill your walls with new life.

We are that friend
you ask for advice
when you see a house you like

With our technology, we develop comprehensive, independent reportssuggesting the best way to value a property. When you're in doubt about buying or not, whether to renovate or sell and when you feel like no one is looking out for your best interests, we're there. With technology, expertise and ambitious vision to create a better world for everyone.