We want a world of beautiful homes and vibrant neighborhoods, free from architectural neglect and baleful land consumption.

17% of Europeans live in overcrowded homes

because buying or renting a house is increasingly expensive and there are not enough of them to meet demand.

In Italy alone in 10 years there will be 500,000 fewer houses than needed

despite the fact that there are 7 million empty houses, almost one in four. There are also 7 million in Spain and almost 6 in France.

More than 900 km2 of soil is consumed in Europe every year

and 80 percent of the lost soil is taken away from agricultural or pasture areas.

More than 75% of Europe's building stock is obsolete

and energy inefficient, but less than 1% of them is renovated each year.

But what is the problem?
Why don't you fix up the houses that are there?

Those who have wasted properties are not sure how to value or fix them.

Analyzing the costs, timing, methods, and risks of renovating a property is quite difficult for those who own it or want to purchase it. And even when they find an intermediary who could give support, there is never the certainty of having an independent and disinterested opinion. Thus, when faced with the most complex properties, even those who could fix them up often desist, preferring simpler operations such as those on vacant land.

We embraced the ambitious challenge of solving the problem with the help of technology.

We are animated by 3 beliefs:

1. Buying or renting a house should be simple and affordable.

All abandoned or disused properties shouldbe regenerated.

3. We need to stop consuming land for new real estate projects.