Finding a house to live in

is increasingly difficult

17% of Europeans live in overcrowded houses

Buying or renting a house is increasingly expensive, and the houses that are there are not enough to meet demand. In Italy alone there will be 500,000 fewer houses than needed in 10 years.

Yet Europe is full of abandoned houses

In Italy there are 7 million empty houses, almost one in four. There are also 7 million in Spain and almost 6 in France.
Overall, more than 75 percent of Europe's building stock is obsolete and energy inefficient,
but less than 1 percent of that is renovated each year.

But what is going on?

On the one hand, those who have abandoned or fix-up properties do not know how to value or fix them up. The brokers who could help them are perceived as non-transparent and unreliable, and so the properties stay put.

On the other hand, those who want to buy real estate for renovation as an investment find it difficult to analyze all its technical and legal aspects. Thus, when faced with the most complex properties, they often desist, preferring simpler transactions such as those on vacant land.

Our solution?

An independent digital platform that simplifies the matching of supply and demand for homes for renovation, while equally protecting the interests of those who own the properties and those who want to buy them.

But so who are we?

We are a digital startup with a young team combining building, IT and marketing skills.
A diverse mix but with a common ambition:
ridding the world of soulless neighborhoods, architectural neglect and funereal land consumption.

We want a world of beautiful homes and vibrant neighborhoods, to make those who live there and the whole community feel good.