We created
a comprehensive technology solution to understand and unlock the potential of each property.

We appeal to anyone who has one or more wasted properties on their hands and wants to make the most of them: private individuals, banks, foundations, SGRs, loan funds.

How does it work?

With our proprietary algorithms we thoroughly analyze the characteristics of your property and all possible enhancement scenarios.

You will get acomplete analysis with numbers, ways and timing of renovation to make an informed decision on whether to invest in regeneration or put your property up for sale at a price that reflects its true potential.

Our analyses are called didimora opinion and are of 3 types, depending on what your property looks like and how many insights you need.

What services can you include in the didimora-opinion?


Automatic Valuation Model (AVM) is the software that generates a quick estimate of a property's market value by combining data from properties sold or offered for sale nearby with market data and area characteristics.


With our AVM Costs, we can prepare a preliminary estimate of the cost of regenerating a residential building and all the legal and administrative burdens required to complete the work.


An analysis of socio-demographics and market trends in the area to understandbuying and selling trends, average time to sale of residential properties, and the dynamics of population growth and change.


With our algorithms we search for comparable properties among those sold or for sale in the same area, so that we can corroborate valuation estimates with real data.


In the most complex analyses, it is necessary to understand how to redefine the internal structure of the property to make the most of it. We do this with the experience of our architects and the power of artificial intelligence.


For nonresidential properties, wedefine all possible regeneration scenarios and validate them with market data and architectural feasibility analysis to identify the best way to unlock the potential of each property.

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