A comprehensive technological solution to understand and unlock the potential of each property.

didimora is the first technology platform to simplify the management and enhancement of real estate assets.

Whether you are a private owner, a manager or the public administration, we are here to help you unearth the hidden potential of your assets and map out together a path to growth for each individual property.

How it works


You can organize and share data in a single personal cloud that is also accessible to your employees with differentiated permissions, and you can purchase didimora analyses directly online.With our proprietary algorithms, we thoroughly analyze the characteristics of your property, helping you define the best enhancement scenario and coordinate all the necessary activities.

Our analyses are called didimora opinion. However, if you have a lot of properties and don't know which ones are worth analyzing, we can screen your assets to take an inventory of all your properties and find the properties with the most potential.

What is


A fast, automated analysis service to organize and monitor your assets.

  • Complete Property Mapping: Each of your properties will be visible on the platform where you can see its location and quickly access all its data and documents.
  • Land Registry Data Verification: Thanks to our direct connection with the systems of the Internal Revenue Service, we update the data in your possession with those on the Land Registry.
  • Land Use: For all land, we check what the current type of use is, pointing out those that differ from cadastral quality.
  • Indication of potential: For properties with good market volume you will immediately see a valuation range, for others you will have an indication of market desirability and enhancement potential.
What is


In-depth independent analysis to understand how to best enhance your properties.

  • Defining the state of affairs: We collect any documentation about the property and catalog it in a conveniently accessible interface.
  • Market Analysis: We analyze area market trends and trends that can inspire enhancement scenarios.
  • Enhancement Scenarios: We suggest the most appropriate and effective uses to enhance your property from among all those possible for its characteristics.
  • Technical due diligence: Thanks to our partnerships with leading Italian architectural firms, in the most complex cases we can help you coordinate a technical feasibility study.
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