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Effective management of Italy's large real estate assets is one of the most powerful growth levers for our country.

With our technology we help you make the most of the assets you manage to increase their profitability and contribute, through their redevelopment, to make our cities a little more beautiful.

There are two major areas for improvement in real estate fund management:

  • Operational complexity: monitoring the management of a property involves interfacing with numerous professionals through different and often outdated tools, often leading to human error, operational slowness, and loss of relevant information.
  • Information asymmetries: the lack of an integrated monitoring solution and the presence of multiple conflicting data sources generates pockets of inefficiency and possible conflicts of interest in property management.

Our solution?

A single digital tool to map, analyze and monitor your properties. An accessible place for property, agency, managers and vendors to share information and collaborate easily and thus avoid the emergence of information asymmetries.

  • Digital interface: a single personal cloud also accessible to your employees with differentiated permissions;
  • Big data and artificial intelligence: a constantly updated database that we use to process our analyses and feed our algorithms;
  • Human support: a team of analysts on hand to answer your questions and help you manage your real estate on the platform.
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With the asset screening we help you quickly catalog and analyze properties to identify those to target for an in-depth enhancement analysis.

  • Verification of cadastral data, thanks to our direct link with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Verification of current land use by analysis of satellite images
  • Description of the property and indication of critical issues
  • Automatic desktop valuation range for residential properties, outbuildings, stores, land
  • List of comparable properties
  • Estimated renovation costs for residential properties
  • Market desirability index for regeneration scenarios for special assets

With the didimora opinion you have a broader perspective to understand the possibilities for making the most of real estate.

  • In-depth analysis of the state of affairs
  • Study of potential market and identification of best uses
  • Ability to request technical due diligence with our partners
  • Design ideas with estimated costs and timelines
  • Business Plan with updated cost and schedule of work
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The preferred choice of SGRs.

  • Innovation: We are a proptech startup born in 2021 with a clear and bold vision of the future of real estate.
  • Impact: Investment funds, banks and top professional firms have chosen us to analyze their properties. Their trust is our pride and responsibility.
  • Experience: Our team collaborates with industry professionals, academics and experts, all driven by our same vision.
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