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Every wall, every window, every corner of your property tells a story.

We believe that story is not yet over: every property has a brand new chapter waiting to be written. With didimora, you won't just reminisce about the past; you can shape the future of your most valuable asset.

Conventional estimates are not enough.

  • Partial view: Conventional appraisals often offer a limited picture of the property's potential, focusing on the current state and not on future prospects.
  • Uncertainties and doubts: The traditional approach or a quick and rough assessment can leave room for uncertainties and thus lead to less sound choices.
  • Incomplete Appraisals: Without an estimate of the cost, time, and manner of development of the property, it is difficult to determine the true value of regenerating it or selling it as is.

Didimora's innovative response:

  • Completeness: We reveal the untapped potential of your property, offering insight into how to best enhance it for its brilliant tomorrow.
  • Accuracy: Through advanced tools, we ensure unbiased and consistent analysis, eliminating confounding elements.
  • Clarity: Our analysis gathers all the details in an explanatory way and enables you to make a more informed decision.
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With the didimora opinion you have a broader perspective to understand the possibilities for making the most of your real estate.

  • In-depth analysis of the state of affairs
  • Study of potential market and identification of best uses
  • Ability to request technical due diligence with our partners
  • Design ideas with estimated costs and timelines
  • Business Plan with updated cost and schedule of work
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  • Innovation: We are a proptech startup founded in 2021 with a clear and bold vision of the future of real estate. Since then, we have grown exponentially through the trust of clients and investors.
  • Professionalism: Each of our analyses comes from the fusion of accurate data, in-depth expertise and the unmistakable innovative touch of didimora. All enhanced by a sincere love for the art of architecture and the stories each property holds.
  • Experience: Our strength also lies in the synergies we have created. We collaborate with renowned professionals, academics and experts who share our vision.
  • Support: Clarity and dedication characterize every interaction we have. You can rely on our team for support, advice and reassurance at every stage of your journey with us.
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